Lasermet range of illuminated signs

Lasermet Illuminated Signs

The advanced electronic engineering design department at Lasermet has developed a range of high quality, attractive back lit LED signs primarily for its Laser Safety customers. These have been so successful having been integrated into labs, enclosures, safe working areas and other safety related and interlocked rooms that they are now available to other customers and other industries. The signs do not have to be safety related - they can be used as information signs as well as warning signs.

These internal signs can be used for many applications and are particularly suited to offices and smart business interiors, such as waiting rooms in doctors' surgeries or in dentists' waiting rooms or in hospitals, the MoD, insurance companies, financial institutions, investment companies and hotels. These customisable signs can have virtually any design or message in any language, in white, yellow, green or red.

For customers who like to ensure that they present a professional, high quality image, especially in a corporate environment, these signs are ideal. The compact range can be installed at chest level as they are lightweight and are easily seen by personnel entering a doorway. They do not have to be mounted above a door.

The signs are low energy and low voltage and the Ultra range (the larger signs) can be specified to be automatically dimmable depending on ambient lighting conditions. These prestigious backlit signs are lit from LEDs behind the message - which results in a sign which is considerably more professional looking than LED matrix signs.

They conform to the European standard for illuminated laser warning signs and are therefore of high quality and reliability, as you would expect from an ISO 9001 Certified company.

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