Custom Illuminated Signs

Any of our ranges of signs can be customised to suit the message or messages required, making them perfect for a wide range of uses and situations. This, combined with the attractive, high quality build makes Lasermet illuminated signs an ideal choice for many business and office locations. Choose compact or large low-profile, low energy LED signs; or backlit fluorescent signs - all completely customisable with your own message and images.

custom signs

The Ultra range of custom 3 state signs

These high quality back lit LED signs are low energy, low power using 24V DC. This makes them safer for use in internal environments, as well as minimising power consumption.

An example of the large LED signs is shown right, ideal for use in surgeries or waiting areas. These backlit LED signs are 3-state signs. (State 1 is in green, state 2 is in red and state 3 is where the sign is switched off and the message cannot be seen).

Each sign can toggle between the green message and the red message depending on the customer requirements. Any custom message can be displayed in red or green.

These signs are available as single units and can be attached together as shown (right).

  • Each standard sign measures 178mm tall x 24mm deep x 470mm wide
  • Each large sign measures 178mm tall x 24mm deep x 790mm wide

The Ultra range of custom 2 state signs

The Ultra range of 2 state signs is also available as shown below. The backlit LED signs simply have a state 1 which is off and the sign remains secret, or in state 2 where the sign is illuminated.

These signs are available in white, yellow, red or green

Compact range of custom back lit LED signs

These signs are also low voltage (24V DC), backlit LED signs and can display virtually any message. This 2 state sign (above) is either on or off. The compact range is also available as a 3 state sign. (OFF, ON in green, or ON in red)

Custom backlit fluorescent signs

This range of signs can also be customised to suit customer requirements. They are available as 230V AC (or 110V AC if requested).

  • The single message sign measures 360mm Wide x 150mm high x 68mm deep
  • The dual message sign measures 360mm Wide x 300mm high x 68mm deep
  • The triple message sign measures 360mm Wide x 425mm high x 68mm deep