Information Signs

Various LED information signs

These large area and compact back lit LED signs can have virtually any design and/or message in any language. Different colours can be selected and different messages can be used in the same space at different times.

They are low voltage (24V DC) and consume minimal power. The large area backlit LED signs have the option of automatic dimming and brightening depending on the ambient lighting conditions. This is an additional option that can be specified when ordering. Although these signs show various warnings, customers can specify their own wording.

Typical examples are:- Enter sign, Please Enter sign, Do Not Enter sign, No Entry sign, Danger sign, Warning sign, Information sign, No Hazard sign, Xray sign, X-ray sign, Access Allowed sign, Access Prohibited sign, Access Allowed sign, Room Available sign, Room In Use sign, Laboratory Available sign, Laboratory In Use sign, Biohazard sign, Magnetic Field sign, Ion Beam sign, Radiation sign, Restricted Access sign, Next Customer sign, Vacant sign, Occupied sign, Open sign, Closed sign, We Are Open sign, We Are Closed sign